Learn More About Eye Love You Back

The mission of the Eye Love You Back event is simple: provide vision care and eyewear to the underserved in our local communities. In 2020, we are fulfilling that annual promise to give back for one shining day by offering exceptional eye care products and services to those members, completely FREE of charge.

How Eye Love You Back Began

In the 1980s, an optometry student named Dr. Paul Gollender had a dream of providing FREE glasses to young people who could not afford corrective eyewear. After 30+ years as a leading optometrist in his field, Dr. Gollender, OD has lived that dream, and is kicking-off a new era of hope and improved sight in 2020!

On Valentine's Day, February 14, 2020, Dr. Gollender, and other optometrists, will play host to the Eye Love You Back event at this office in Roseville. At the day-long event, they will provide 100 FREE eye exams and FREE glasses for those whose exams warrant corrective lenses, and work with members of the Roseville community to help them see better than ever before.

Looking Towards the Future

But the altruism and good will of the Eye Love You Back event doesn’t stop there. In 2021, joined by fellow optometrists in California, the Eye Love You Back program is slated to expand in Northern California and set to roots in San Francisco and San Diego! Through this program, more people will get the optimized eye care and proper eyewear they need, regardless of cost or insurance coverage.

For more information concerning Eye Love You Back, or to see if you qualify to attend our exciting annual event, please email us at info@eyeloveyouback.org.

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